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August 23, 2014

Family Picnic and Back to School Supplies Drive

By Sarah Punderson , 10:45 am

The Saint Paul’s Picnic and Back-t0-School Supplies Drive has been rescheduled for Sunday (8/24) at 3 p.m. due to inclement weather. The event will benefit Saint James School, a faith based institution that offers quality education to minority children and prepares them for college. Donations of books, pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, crayons, pencil holders, highlighters etc. This event will be hosted by John and Christine Fitzpatrick at 9339 Stenton Ave., Erdenheim. For more information contact Manny Mercer. 


August 19, 2014

Youth Events Announced for 2014-15 at Saint Paul’s

By Sarah Punderson , 12:40 pm

Assistant Rector Emmanuel Mercer has announced several youth events for the 2014-15 year at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. Mark your calendars for a Movie Night with Pizza (9/7) and a hike through the magical Wissahickon (9/7), Starbucks and cotton candy- and that’s just the fall! Click here for a full line-up of great events, not to be missed.

August 14, 2014

Church School Registration

By Sarah Punderson , 3:24 pm

There are two options to register for Saint Paul’s Church School this year. Print out the form online  and bring it into the Church or register in person on September 7th, 2014 during the brunch after the Wissahickon hike which takes place after the 9 a.m. service. 

August 13, 2014

News from the Dixon House

By Sarah Punderson , 2:48 pm

Click here for news about the Villanova Day of Service, Women’s Quiet Day, and meet the groups who rent space from Saint Paul’s!

August 12, 2014

Welcome Sunday on September 14th

By Sarah Punderson , 3:03 pm

A special Welcome Sunday will be held on September 14 and everyone is encouraged to bring a friend.  This will be the first Sunday of the fall with choir at 10:30 a.m.  There will be a picnic, and tables with information about the faith practices and ministries of Saint Paul’s.  It will be a terrific time to introduce a friend to Saint Paul’s.

At noon there will be lunch on the campus grounds under our new tents. There will be information about Saint Paul’s ministries. It is a great occasion to learn how we care for others and one another. An exciting day will be had for all and a great occasion to bring a friend.


August 10, 2014

Deals to be Had at the Rummage Sale September 5-6th

By Sarah Punderson , 10:00 am

The Saint Paul’s Rummage Sale will be held on Friday, September 5 (pre-sale) and Saturday, September 6. There will be rooms filled with adult and children’s clothing, sporting goods, used books, home and garden equipment, electronics and more!

Click here to RSVP on Facebook. Proceeds go to help charitable organizations that serve the hungry and homeless.

August 4, 2014

Church School to Hike Along the Wissahickon

By Sarah Punderson , 11:15 am

The Church School will embark on its annual hike at the Wissahickon on Sunday, September 7 after the 9 a.m. worship.  At the Wissahickon the children will meet with a Trail Ambassador who will educate them about the park’s history and geology. The Wissahickon Valley has been carved out by the creek of the same name over the past 125 million years. Due to a fault line that runs nearby, the area has shifted significantly over the millennia. The rock we see today was once more than 10 miles below the surface! The tectonic plates lifted and convoluted the strata of rock with pressure and heat so great that the nature of the rock changed from a granite bedrock formation into a waving and blistered schist.  It can be seen everywhere along the creek.

Trial Ambassadors from Friends of the Wissahickon will lead us on a guided hike to the15-foot statue of an Indian on the east side of the Wissahickon Valley, high above the creek. He was placed there in 1900 to memorialize the Lenni-Lenape tribe, who were the first people to walk the steep trails of the Wissahickon. Our friends from the Standing Rock Reservation smile because the Lenni-Lenape chief is incongruously dressed like a Plains Indian.

After the hike, we will all gather at the Church for brunch and also to register children for Church School.

July 29, 2014

Adult Education in the Fall, 2014

By Sarah Punderson , 2:03 pm

The Saint Paul’s thematic goal in 2014 is “One bread… one body.”

Adult Christian Education Faith Forums will happen on Sundays from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in the Dixon House Library, beginning September 21st. The purpose as a Christian community is, in part, to be a wellspring of spiritual nourishment. We think you will find these offerings spiritually nourishing. We also “educate for life” in both meanings of this phrase. We believe that education is life-long; and our aim through spiritual education is to understand and enhance life more truly. Our parish theme this year is “one bread… one body.” (1 Corinthians 10: 17). The emphasis is on community and relationship. We think these offerings are a great place to start!

Center for Contemporary Mysticism

By Sarah Punderson , 11:15 am

The Center for Contemporary Mysticism grew out of visits to Saint Paul’s by two best-selling authors, Irish mystic Lorna Byrne on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2013 and neurosurgeon Eben Alexander on October 20, 2013. Mysticism is the capacity to experience the divine as immediately present. It is full of surprise because no one can grasp the mind of God. There is always more to understand.

Interestingly, children have an innate sense of the presence of God. One day a Saint Paul’s young child asked his mother, “Mom, which is bigger, God or the air?” The mother had one of those deer in the headlights moments that parents sometimes get. She could not pretend not to hear, nor could she keep on with what she was doing. She turned aside from her occupation and looked down at her child. In what was for her an awkward pause, the child came to his own conclusion: “I think it must be God who is bigger, because there is no air in outer space and God is there.” The mother was both relieved and struck that she and her little boy had entered into a mystical space. Many use too little bandwidth for God-consciousness. We tend to think less of the largeness of God than of the smallness of the moment. There is too little time and too many deadlines, too few opportunities and too many expectations. The task of the Center is to open minds to a grander vision of life. Under the transformative dimension of love, the present moment becomes expansive and one can breathe deeply with purpose. Browse the website for the Center for Contemporary Mysticism. The center seeks to “address the hunger to better understand profound spiritual and mystical experiences.” You will find meditation learning groups, book groups, videos, speakers, a library, and links to other resources.

Vacation Bible School Begins August 4th

By Sarah Punderson , 11:04 am

Join Saint Paul’s and Saint Martin’s on August 4th for a week of fun, games, stories, and songs as children learn about God’s love and the life and journey of Moses!

Our program runs Monday, August 4th – Friday, August 8th, from 9am – 3:30pm, and is open to rising kindergartners through rising 5th graders. There is also a half-day program for preschoolers (ages 3.5 and up) that runs all five days from 9am – 12:30pm. All camp registration includes lunch daily and a t-shirt.

**NOTE: PRESCHOOL VBS registration is currently FULL. Other age levels are still open. Please contact The Rev. Callie Swanlund if you would like your preschooler added to the waiting list.**

For more information, click here. 

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