January 24, 2013

Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez to Speak at Saint Paul's on February 17th

By Sarah Punderson , 10:27 am

Internationally-acclaimed Philadelphia Poet

Laureate Sonia Sanchez will speak and give a poetry reading on Sunday (2/17) afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at Saint Paul’s Church. Admission is free and the public invited.

The event, An Afternoon

with Sonia Sanchez, commemorates the stay of Eleanor Roosevelt at St. Paul’s 64 years ago when Eleanor Roosevelt was presented with the first National Fellowship Award by the Philadelphia Fellowship Commission.


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  1. Audley Warner says:

    Wondering if I can do volunteerism that day as Sonia Sanchez is a dear friend of the family. Met her as a child half a century ago. She and my grandmother, Queen Mother Audley Moore, were sisters in the struggle for a bill that went to Congress in the 1970′s, titled “Reparations” for descendants of African and Pan African People who perished in the diaspora.

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